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Does Petsmart Still Drug Test? PetSmart Drug Testing Policy

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Just a decade or so ago, drug tests were a fact of life when it came to employment. Big companies would routinely ask for a urine sample before officially hiring you – and if you didn’t pass, you wouldn’t get the job. But it’s a different time now, cannabis is legal in 11 states, and some companies are backing off on the mandatory testing.

Companies like PetSmart were known for their drug testing policies. But times change and so do they. Let’s take a look at where PetSmart currently stands when it comes to drug testing.

PetSmart’s Drug Test

So PetSmart is an American retail chain that sells pet products. So you know, dog and cat food, stuff for grooming, etc. They also offer small animals available for sale and adoption like fish, gerbils, hamsters, you get the picture. It’s your typical big business pet store, and for a while, if you wanted to get a job there, you had to pass a drug test.

If you got through your interview and got offered a job, you’d be instructed to report to a drug testing center within 48 hours and provide a urine sample for testing. What was nice about PetSmart’s protocol was that these urine drug tests were of the unsupervised variety. If you’ve ever done your research into passing drug tests, you’ll know how much of a lay-up this is. They’re practically asking you to cheat.

In any case, you’d hand in your sample, and it would be run through the most basic five-panel drug test. These test for the metabolites derived from cannabis, PCP, opiates, cocaine, and amphetamines. They run your sample through that, and they’ll inform your potential employer if you’re clean or not. If you pass that along with the background check, then you’ll get the job. Sounds good right?

There have been some changes to the way PetSmart conducts business these days, but for the sake of enlightening ourselves, let’s run through a quick list of the many ways you can pass this kind of urine test.

Passing a Urine Test

There are many, many ways to get through a urine test as lenient as PetSmart’s. We’ll give you a neat list here so you know your options.

The Natural Method

If you don’t do drugs, congratulations. You’re going to pass. If you do, there’s a chance you can get through with little effort if your intake is minimal. Fat-soluble chemicals like THC will get processed by the body on its own, so your job is to help it out as much as possible. Drinking lots of water, eating lots of fiber and lean meat, and getting in exercise will help your body work through those toxins and get them out of you. Just remember to not take in any new drugs as that will defeat the whole purpose.

Marijuana Detox Products

If you’re a bit of a heavier user but you still want to use your own actual pee, you might need to resort to the best THC detox kits like the one from Toxin Rid. Most operate the same way. You’ll take in a regimen of pills and drinks designed to help your body efficiently process THC and other drug metabolites. These accelerate your body’s capability to move these chemicals out of you, so you end up with pee that’s clean as a whistle.

If you’re planning to go this route, it’s best to prepare in advance. Most plans take a couple of days to work, and if you’re a heavy user, you may need something upwards of a week to get truly clean. Some detox programs “mask” your pee by bringing your metabolite levels down temporarily, but we suggest going with the safer option of just going clean.

Synthetic Urine

urine drug test screeningGood ol’ fake piss. There are products on the market today that are basically indistinguishable from the real thing. According to, synthetic urine products like Sub Solution are so advanced that they’re actually used to calibrate urine testing equipment, so you’ll probably have little to no problems there. You can get more information in this sub solution synthetic urine review.

Normally in a supervised test, you’d need some extra equipment like a specialized belt like Monkey Whizz for women or prosthetic like Monkey dong for men so that you look like you’re really peeing. But as we’ve mentioned earlier, PetSmart lets you take care of providing a sample unsupervised, which means you have all the time in the world to leisurely pour a cup of fake pee into a cup without any issue. Just make sure to get it up to temperature beforehand and you’re as good as gold.

PetSmart’s New Policy

For some reason in September of 2018, PetSmart updated its drug testing policy. Now, it does not require drug testing for pre-employment or internal promotions. That’s right folks, you don’t need to pass a drug test to get hired anymore. Before you start singing hallelujahs, it doesn’t mean you can show up to work high or anything. It just means they won’t actively check for your metabolite levels when you get interviewed, which is nice.

PetSmart hasn’t eliminated drug testing entirely however. If there is a workplace accident, they may test you to make sure you were sober on the job. They also reserve the right to give you a drug test at any time on the spot. This doesn’t mean you need to stop with the weed per se, just don’t be dumb and look high on the job. Keep your fun life and work life separate and they should have no reason to suspect you of anything.

Working Hard

We’ve come a long way. More and more, companies are seeing the light when it comes to casual, harmless drug use. More states are legalizing marijuana, and some of the smarter presidential candidates are advocating full legalization too. It’s still a fight though, and while companies like PetSmart are coming around, it doesn’t mean we should lay around and wait for them. Go out there and make yourselves heard.

Tips for Getting Ripped as Fast as Possible

Posted in Muscle Muilding

The majority of the people that have spent most of their time in the gym know that eating is essential to maximizing the bodybuilding process. It is advisable to eat small meals at intervals of 3 hours. Protein should be part of your meals. Also, do not ignore fat intake. Ensure that at least 20% of your calories consumed daily come from healthy fats. You should focus on quality carb sources such as fruits, oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, and veggies. A lot of people have tried such tricks and have worked.

Heavy Training

weight lifterYou should forget about light exercise. It is time you switch to high rep sets and lighter weight if you want to get shredded. Using the best legal steroids is a proven way to increase testosterone and heavily contributes to male virility.

If you fail to push yourself when you want to shed extra fats, your body will understand that the extra muscle mass you have built is not needed anymore.

No Magic Diet

Some people believe that by dieting alone, they can cut. However, you should make adjustments that are required by your body. You should start with protein, fat profile, carb, and reasonable calorie intake. This is necessary to fine-tune your weight loss.

Body Fats

Most people are not sure of their body fat levels. However, experts argues that hormones like HGH that your body produces during puberty naturally stimulates your body to produce more muscle, burn more fat. For middle aged and senior citizens, use of HGH supplements is advised. These supplements are ranked some of the best for those people who want to naturally gain muscle and burn fat. You should have a realistic view of body composition. The best fitness models and bodybuilders have lean body mass.


Recent studies show that diet is more useful than cardio if you want to get ripped. Therefore, ensure you are eating the right diet first before moving to the cardio. It is advisable to slow your cardio. This is because the body is under stress because of the caloric deficit. Thus, there is no need to add endless hours of cardio to earn your hard-earned muscle mass.cardio exercises

The Slow Fat Loss Rate

You should lose fat at 2 pounds every week. Although a more rapid pace can be ideal if you are carrying a substantial amount of extra fats, it is not a good approach. Also, rapid fat loss may make you lose muscle.

Drink Water

As much as this appears to be an obvious tip, but for most, it is not. Some athletes do not drink the required amounts. Studies show that water consumption alone can increase your metabolism by 30%.

The Health and Fitness Benefits of Sport

Posted in Lifestyle

Being active is one thing that encourages full health. As much as we all have different lives to live, it only calls to show that we are truly in charge of what happens. If this is the case, you have to be in control of how you treat yourself. Find something in which you could engage yourself. Preferably, it has to be some sporty venture that will awaken all your senses.

The best thing about sports like baseball is that they are an affordable and reasonable way to keep fit. It will improve your health 100% if only you remain consistent in your bid to remain healthy. For the young people in baseball, baseball bats can come in handle not only to win your game but also to keep you fit. Sports brings along with it some hefty packages for your health that we are about to unwrap. Read on.

Enhances Blood Circulation

As much as this is a natural procedure that must take place in our bodies, sometimes it happens to be strained for some reason. The best you can do instead of panicking is to get sporty. Engage yourself in all your favorite sports activities. If you love baseball, go for it by all means. It will do more than just brighten up your day. There is so much positive energy being channeled into your health than you could imagine. All the more reason for you to take hour sports very seriously. If you lead a busy kind of lifestyle, you should not let it get in the way of your health. Preferably, do some sporting exercises maybe once every week.

Enhances Your Mood

athletesWe all know what a lengthy dull mood can do to your overall health. As much as possible, try to bring out the best in yourself by engaging in all the sports that you fancy. Those that involve running or jumping around happen to be the most essential for your moods. We all have those times when we feel like we are not up for anything.

It does not have to remain this way as we also have to come out of our comfort zones. Playing games such as badminton and the limes are enough to brighten you up. That’s not all, such games have a way of reaching out to our hearts and making things right with our health.

Improves the Metabolism

This has got to be the most crucial factor to be considered. Experts at Polaris Health, one of the leading bodybuilding platform argues that your metabolism speaks volumes about your general well being. When adequately looked into, you are assured of nothing but safety all through. The sports you play will go a long way in ensuring that your metabolism is on the right track. That’s not all; you have to couple your sporty activities with healthy meals, snacks, and drinks.

Your Immunity Gets a Boost

When you remain active, messages are sent to your body and keeps it on its toes. Which is why being active is one way to boost the level of your immunity. Being a sports fan will keep your body free from prevalent illnesses that will pose a threat to your health. Which is why you have to take sports very seriously and not just as a mere game.