Top 9 Most Popular Types of Massage

The best way to relax and unwind is to enjoy an invigorating massage. Apart from relaxation, massage therapy also comes with several health benefits such as relieving minor pain, enhancing blood circulation and healing digestive disorders. There are various types of massages each with its advantages to the body of the recipient. Here are the top 9 most popular types of massage.

Swedish Massage

This is a full-body massage that involves kneading, vibration, tapping and deep circular motions on the body of the massage recipient. It also involves passive joint movements which release tension on joints and manage minor pain. It is the most common massage therapy offered in spas and wellness centers. It is suitable for people who are new to massage therapy and those recovering from injuries. You can also enjoy this massage with your significant other in some spas and gyms.

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage therapy is merely a form of Swedish massage where hot or cold stones are used. These stones are placed at various parts of the body gently to release tension, relieve pain and improve blood flow.

Reflexology Massage

This is a foot massage therapy that is aimed at correcting imbalances in the body. It focuses on the ears, hands and the feet. It is the type of massage that you should ask for if you have been walking around in high heels for long.

Aromatherapy Massage

This type of full-body massage is given to a person who is looking for emotional healing. On top of relieving pain and muscle tension, it is aimed at boosting mood and reducing stress and anxiety. Essential oils are used in this massage type to bring out the emotional healing effect.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is a form of Swedish massage with more profound and stronger touches. It is characterized by slow strokes of deep finger pressure which target the deepest layers of muscles and tissues. It is suitable for soreness, injuries, and chronic muscle problems.

Sports Massage

This is the type of massage that is suitable for athletes. It targets the most commonly used muscles in the specific sport that the recipient is involved in. It reduces the risk of sports-related injuries.

Shiatsu Massage

This is a Japanese type of massage therapy that fine-tunes the body and mind awareness as well as relieving pains, headaches, and muscle tension. Unlike other massage types, you can enjoy this massage while fully clothed.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is very similar to yogic stretching. Throughout the massage therapy session, you will find yourself in various yoga poses. On top of the other advantages of yoga, this massage type improves flexibility and blood circulation. It is another type of massage that can be enjoyed with clothes on.

Prenatal Massage

This type of massage therapy is suitable for pregnant mothers. It helps keep pregnancy-related aches at bay. Notice that it is only appropriate during the second and third trimesters. During the first trimester, it exposes you to the risk of unwanted miscarriages. The areas of focus include the legs, the lower back, and hips.