JLM Meets With Israeli Labor Party General Secretary/Deputy Speaker of Knesset MK Hilik Bar

Earlier today member of the JLM NEC met with Member of Knesset Hilik Bar.  


MK Bar was in London in his capacity as Deputy Speaker, as part of an official Knesset delegation led by the Speaker, Yuli Edelstein.

The meeting with JLM, held in his capacity as Secretary General of Israel's Labor Party focussed on strengthening links between the two sister parties in the UK and Israel.  A series of initiatives were discussed, including a visit to the UK of a delegation of senior activists from Israel's Labor Party later in the year.  This delegation will spend time with younger members of JLM and develop links to enable deeper collaboration and joint campaign activity in the future.

MK Bar also updated JLM on Labor's current initiatives to progress the diplomatic process between Israel and the Palestinians and expressed his view that Israel has many strong friends at all levels in the Labour Party.


JLM NEC Meeting with Labour Party Deputy Leader Tom Watson MP

JLM NEC meet Tom Watson 29 Feb 2016

JLM NEC Members with Labour Party Deputy Leader Tom Watson MP
29 February 2016
House of Commons, London

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Response to Resignation of Oxford University Labour Club Co-Chair, Alex Chalmers

Following the resignation of Alex Chalmers as Co-Chair of the Oxford University Labour Club, JLM has raised the matter with our colleagues at Labour Students and issued the following statement this morning:
"JLM is a strong advocate of robust debate about the Middle East on Campus and beyond.  That support extends to discourse that is critical of Israel's Government and its policies.  However, this development, in this context, crosses the red line between legitimate discourse and incitement against Jewish students.  JLM has raised this with our colleagues at Labour Students and we are glad to see the swift condemnation of the events at OULC. They have assured us that they share our concerns and will be working very closely with UJS to tackle this problem."
Liron Velleman, JLM NEC (Youth and Student Officer)
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JLM Elects New National Executive Committee

At last night’s AGM of the Jewish Labour Movement unanimously to adopt a new structure which will enable the Movement to increase its engagement inside Labour Party structures on a local, regional and national basis.

A hundred JLM members attended the AGM, reflecting the substantial growth in our membership that has occurred since the 2015 General Election. 

The AGM also saw the retirement of Louise Ellman MP who has served as our National Chair for over a decade.

Louise has been a dedicated and committed voice for our community in Parliament for many years.  Her leadership of JLM leaves us a tremendous legacy to build upon. 

It was announced that Ellman is to be appointed as Honorary President of JLM.

The meeting was addressed by the Socialist Societies representative to the Labour Party National Executive Committee (NEC) James Asser who conveyed a message from the NEC about the extent to which it values JLM’s contribution to the party.

 Incoming JLM National Chair Jeremy Newmark said:  

“JLM fills an incredibly important political space right now.  Our strong links with the  Labour Party here and in Israel are a valuable resource for our community.  Our new team is committed to strengthening them further.  My priority is to train and develop a cadre of younger political activists who will take the movement forward in the best traditions of Jewish Labour values.”    

Vice-Chair Sarah Sackman added: 

"If 2015 taught us anything, it is that there is still much work to be done to reconnect Jewish voters to the Labour Party. 

With the London Mayoral, Scottish Parliamentary, as well as other local elections happening around the country, I look forward to playing my part in JLM's dual goals of encouraging support for the Labour Party within the community, and ensuring the community's interests are understood and acted upon within the Party. Others can play their part by joining our Movement too."

Over the coming weeks and months, JLM will be working to rapidly increase our activity and build on the fantastic increase in membership that we have already seen.

From campaigning in the upcoming elections, to publishing the views of our members on the political issues of the day, to organising within the Labour movement at every level, now is a great time to get involved:

Join our Movement by clicking here:




The full list of officers elected are:

National Movement Chair 

Jeremy Newmark


National Secretary

Cllr Peter Mason


National Treasurer

Nick Conway


National Vice Chairs 

Mike Katz

Sarah Sackman


Campaigns Officer

Cllr Adam Langleben


International Officer

Ethan Schwartz


Local Government Officer

Cllr Joe Goldberg


Membership Officer

Judith Bara


Networks Officer 

Rachel Wenstone


Policy Officer

Cllr Neil Nerva


Political Education Officer

Jay Stoll


Trade Union Officer

Lee Petar


Youth & Students Officer 

Liron Velleman