Israel & the Middle East Peace Process


To promote a fair and balanced approach to the Israel/Palestine conflict that enhances the role of the UK as a trusted and even-handed partner towards peace

The promotion of a strong bilateral UK-Israel relationship by enhancing political, economic, trade, cultural, educational and scientific ties at the same time as building a similar relationship with the Palestinians.

To support and call for a peace agreement based on a negotiated Two-State Solution between Israel and the Palestinians, which results in an independent Palestinian state alongside a secure Israel recognised as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

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Collaboration with the Israeli Labour Party

The Labour Party should work closely with and collaborate with the Israeli Labour Party to develop intelligent solutions to the peace process. It should encourage and support grass-roots work to form links with arabic and other people who identify with Palestine, with the aim of influencing a positive outcome for peace.

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Relationship between UK and Israel

To ensure that Israel remains a key and cherished ally to the UK and to be committed to fully supporting Israel as the everlasting home to the Jewish people, supporting its absolute right to self determination and to protection of its people and borders. To protect existing and promote further trade links and shared innovation between the UK and Israel.

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