Copeland By-Election JLM Campaign Day

Join JLM in campaigning to keep the Labour seat of Copeland in the by-election. Copeland, like many areas of the UK, has a fascinating Jewish history. In 1874, Whitehaven Synagogue was opened with 11 seatholders, all Lithuanian working class men. The last recorded activity of the synagogue, which is no longer open, was a barmitzvah in 86. What a perfect place for JLM to campaign for a Labour hold for candidate Gillian Trougton!

Logistics for those from the North West

We will be running a carpool from Manchester.

Logistics for those from London

We will be getting the 18.20 train from London Euston on Saturday 11th February and staying with kind hosts in Manchester. We'll join the carpool running from Manchester, spend the day on the doorstep in Copeland, before getting the train back to London. 

Lunch will be provided

Should you need support to cover travel, please email


February 12, 2017 at 9am - 3pm
Ella Rose ·

Will you come?