Complete Guide to Buying a Portable Massage Table

When it comes to selecting a portable massage table, there is no such thing as a universal model that offers everyone the best experience. It’s because each of them come with different designs, benefits as well as disadvantages. Fortunately, there is a model out there that will undoubtedly meet your demands and offer you the best massage experience.

When going to purchase a portable massage table for you or even for your business, you probably have a rough idea of what exactly you want. However, the idea becomes less important once you set foot in a portable massage table shop as you’ll get several designs that never crossed your mind. At that point, you become overwhelmed and not sure about the massage table you’ll take home.

Here you will get need to finally get a portable massage table that matches your prevalence.

Comfort Level

maroon portable massage tableThe right comfort level is achieved by the right combination of foam density and thickness. Go for multi-density and high-density foam. By multi-density it means a table including layers of medium and high densities foam. Such a massage table will retain their shape for a longer time compared to the medium density foam.

Moreover, the multi-density foam offers you an ideal balance of comfort and durability. However, remember that the more thickness of foam you have, the heavier the table. Therefore, 2 to 3 inches of foam thickness is perfect.

The Cover

The cover of the portable massage table should be of high quality. The standard material used for mobile massage table covers is polyurethane vinyl. The softness and quality of this material may differ based on the manufacturer’s design; however, always ensure its 100% polyurethane vinyl. If you are obsessed about keeping the environment clean, go for this material as it is environmentally friendly.


The face cradle or commonly known as the headrest features two parts; the attachment base and the face cradle pad. The posts used to make the support can be metal, aluminum or plastic. In this case, go for the aluminum or metal as they are more durable than plastic. Furthermore, select a portable massage table with an adjustable face cradle that supports a cam locking mechanism.

Construction of the Base

The legs and base support fall into categories, which are aluminum or wood. Many people will go for the wood as it is aesthetically attractive and pleasing than aluminum. Well, since you are looking for a portable massage table, the one with the aluminum base is the best. It’s because aluminum is lighter than wood; therefore, it makes it easy for you to transport your massage table.

Maintain the Weight Down

If you are planning to be transporting your massage table every day, consider one with little weight. However, if you don’t mind moving a heavy-weight massage table, then weight might not be an issue to you.

Here, your personal preferences count. You can choose from a hinged shelf or a hanging shelf armrest that comes with adjustable straps. Go for the type that makes you feel comfortable.